This site is dedicated to ALL those who served in usafss, the united states air force SECURITY service, on the nsa comint intelligence team, during the cold-war years

The headset is probably the most representative icon of our work--after all, we did a lot of listening. The photo on left was provided by Al Lorentzen (USAFSS 1956-1962). He wore this set while stationed on Shemya Island and later in Scotland. One can only estimate what intelligence came through this one set but, believe me, it was substantial. Then multiply that by the thousands that were in use 24 hours a day around the globe and you may get an idea as to the magnitude of the USAFSS MIssion.    

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Memories of Clark AFB and
RB-29 Two-Nine-Nuthin'

Roger Bossi and Bob

Roger Bossi and Bob at Yokota

Bob Lehman
USAFSS 1953-1957

USAFSS and the Young (at the time) Airmen
Brother Erich & Don

Erich (Bro.)(on left) & Don, 1955
Don Lehmann
USAFSS 1955-1975

". . .and so, It's All Come Down to This"
Kivett Book

Phil Kivett
USAFSS 1957-1970

"One Small Gear. . ."
(Part 1)
Keesler Air Force Base

radio op class

Radio Op Class of 1961

Gary Knighton
USAFSS 1960-1963



Al Lorentzen
Duane (Al) Lorentzen
USAFSS 1956-1962

"One Small Gear. . ."
(Part 2)
Shu Linkou Air Station, 6987th RSM
Tai Pai Street

Taipei Street

Gary Knighton
USAFSS 1960-1963

"One Small Gear. . ."
(Part 3)

The Work Begins

Trick 3 after-work party in Peitou

Gary Knighton
USAFSS 1960-1963

A Call to Pens
Voices Under Berlin.

Hill's book is dedicated to all the countless Kevins and Gabbies, Fast Eddies and Megs—not just in Berlin, but around the world—who for over forty years fought the secret Cold War for one tour and then went home. A must-read for any who manned the intercept sites.

The Day BeforeAdministrator's Note

Another outstanding spy novel by Hill.  Any field analyst will be quite familiar with the book's two alternative endings--the real and the fictional.  They were the first to see, analyze and report the unvarnished intelligence; however, what we saw and reported was not necessarily what the public got after it had been put through the National Policy filter.

The book is available on Amazon or directly from Hill.

T.H.E. Hill
ASA 1970s


6986th RSM at Wakkanai

Ronald Poff
USAFSS 1958-1959
Leo Walsh and Me

Leo Walsh and Me

12th RSM at Landsberg

Bob Shoupe
USAFSS 1950-1954
12th RSM Logo
Bob in Front of 12th RSM Logo